Birthday project

I am stepping into my birthday giving project. In eight days I will be 48 years wise and I have decided in this next week to practice 48 random acts of kindness. They will be spur of the moment, living with humanity, sprinkling joy wherever, whenever, however, and to whomever I can.

A few years ago I tried the challenge of do new things before your birthday. Like 48 days before my birthday I do 48 things I’ve never done before. That was too hard! This I can handle. Doing things for others, helping strangers, anonymously paying for someone’s groceries, helping out someone in need, volunteering somewhere; that’s my kind of birthday project.

I am excited to see what today brings me. I figure I need to do six kind things a day until my birthday on July 10. I think I can manage that. Off I go! My first kindness is going to be to take a bag with me on my walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash. We shall see how the day unfolds…

Join me if you wish. You don’t have to have a birthday coming up of course, but it is a fun project.

I know I am surrounded by kind people who live this way constantly, as I do try to as well. I love that my community is a kind community. I woke up this morning and was gardening in my yard. I looked up and saw this beautiful poodle, Bella, sitting on my front lawn with her kind owner, Greg. We had a lovely chat and it was the kind of kindness that gets me going! I love it.

Have a beautiful day everyone.