Baby bird

Emmett and I spent most of this beautiful day gardening. As I was pruning some plants in our front yard I noticed a baby bird sitting very, very still as it was perfectly camouflaged in my sage. At first I was worried because it didn’t move for a loooooooonnnnnngggggg time. Then my lovely husband explained that is what they do to protect themselves so we just made sure he was breathing and he was. Phew! His little eyes blinked and I exhaled.
We got two chairs and propped ourselves up to watch from our living room, as to not interfere. Mama and Papa bird had been flying around earlier but it had been quite a while so we wanted to make sure it was okay. Finally Mama and Papa found baby bird. Emmett and I were mesmerized by our front row seat to this beautiful, little fledging finding it’s wings. Beauty and magic everywhere you look in this glorious world.

We always find what we need. Nature is our teacher. Her lessons are bountiful. If we aren’t getting enough of something that we feel is essential to our growth, and expansion, we must reach beyond our norm. Sometimes we bloom when we move outside of our typical experience. Find your edges and stretch to the sun where the light is. If there is too much shade in your life, find a way to bring in more light. Nature is the one true constant. It is as ever present as the breath I breathe. I noticed the sound of the leaves, moving with the help of the wind, the heat of the sun on my skin, and the soil of our earth allowing me to walk upon it. Have you touched nature today; have you allowed nature to touch you?