Margot Kidder

I was 8 years old when this woman flew into my heart; in the arms of a man, Christopher Reeves, who also swept in profoundly. I will forever miss their presence on this earth and know they are smiling down upon us. I reached out to Maggie, Margot’s daughter, to extend my support and friendship during this time of grieving around the loss of her mother. Although our mothers passed due to different causes, the intentionality was the same and that is a language only those impacted like us daughters of mothers who chose to leave will ever understand. Talk to people in your life; show up, be present, ask questions, listen. It matters. We all matter so much. Something about Margot has always touched me deeply and I think it was, and is, her depth and suffering; I felt it. I am sorry for her suffering and her journey being so hard. I’m sorry for her daughter’s pain and grief. I’m sorry I can relate so well and I am grateful I can relate so well to human suffering; it is a gift that arises from the depths of deep loss and trauma. Be well all. Know you are loved.