KonMari all night long

Omg I’ve been tidying all night and I can’t stop. I want every single thing in my house Marie Kondo’d. It is now 4 am and I have to stop. I have officially practiced the art of KonMari in every square inch of our home. Everything in our home sparks joy. I have a pile of things that no longer spark joy to donate to a shelter.

Every single thing has a special place. We no longer have a ‘junk drawer’; even that is tidy. Everything is in boxes, or baskets and it feels Soooooooooo good!!!

I honestly have lived this way my entire life but it is amazing what a difference a few of Marie Kondo’s tips make. I feel so peaceful and joyful in our home right now. If I could only go to sleep. 

I will be including the KonMari method into my home clearing work I do with clients. This feels fantastic. Reach out if you would like a session. Half off for the month of February…because it’s the Love Month. 

The last stage of my KonMari project was paper. It felt SO good to clear out the old and have space. Look at how much I was able to throw away?!  It is amazing how much we can accumulate. Moving forward I am going to try to do even less paper. I almost always don’t take receipts from businesses, unless I need for tax purposes. It feels great to free from anything older than seven years. Shredder time!!