This ‘story’ as my interior designer friends call it, sparks so much joy for me. Every item sparks joy, the way they are displayed sparks joy, the color of the tray sparks joy, the fact that I found matching trays at Target years ago, sparks joy. This is how I like everything in our home to be.
•print leaning in the back is from a dear student from her travels to Cambodia.
•the baby picture is my mother and it fills my heart with joy to see her every day in this picture.
•the Buddha’s I have collected from all over and I love each one in a very special way.
•the Mala beads are from a temple my mother-in-law and my husband visited while in Japan years ago visiting her family.
•the stone in the middle is also from Japan. My mother-in-law picked it up and handed it to me while on a walk one day in Japan. I cherish it.
•the mini round picture is me when I was in the 1st grade. My mother kept this picture in this frame since then and It means the world to me.
•the beautiful glass bowl was my mother’s and I love it.
•the little books are from my favorite family run bookstore that is no longer here. I love them and this makes me think of all the years I enjoyed that little shop.
•and the mini glass Buddha is very special to me because my sweet mother said to me one day while admiring it, ‘this is so beautiful, how did they get that little Buddha in there?’ It always makes me smile when I remember that moment with her.
•and lastly, this all sparks so much joy because it is sitting on a bookshelf that my beloved husband built for us with his own hands. The love is everywhere!!
And this concludes my share for the day. What pockets in your home spark joy for you, and why?