Less is more

Tidy, tidy, tidy everywhere. Don’t just stop with your drawers and cabinets. Make sure this becomes a lifestyle. Declutter your life; your wallet, your purse, your car, your makeup pouch. Keep your life simple by only keeping what you need and what sparks joy. Honor what you have by taking radical care of it all; take nothing for granted. The Universe will fill the spaciousness of your life with good health, abundance, harmony, peace of mind and more joy!

And now for my final bow. Our house is complete. 






Sentimental items✔️



I’m ready for my diploma. I can’t wait to help others with this process. I couldn’t believe it in more; every aspect of it is simply gobsmacking. I’m in love. 

Whose first??

I’m available to help if you’re ready to step into a more peaceful life with an overflowing amount of joy. Marie refers to this as ‘ping!’ Or something making you feel good all over. That’s joy; that’s what we are looking for when we touch, see and use our belonging. As well as gratitude. Another aspect of this method that really resonates with me is thanking the item for serving us when we are ready to let something go. We say thank you and honor our belongings. Nothing is done without intention and consciousness. I believe that is what draws me to this method the most. Because I live my life with this philosophy and it was quite simple to bring it deeper into each and every item we own.

Much love and blessings to you.