Thrilled to share this news!

I could not be more grateful, honored, and thrilled to share with you that my beautiful, loving husband had his follow up this week and is still cancer-free!!!!!! Thank you for all the love and support as we, once again, walked through the journey of tests and unknowns. 

He has no polyps, he has no cancer and he is still cancer-FREE!!! We cried, we hugged, we slept. We are so grateful and blessed. 

Now for the nudge.  Please schedule your colonoscopy. Please stay on top of all your necessary tests and screenings. Please don’t avoid taking care of yourself; don’t put it off, don’t be scared, go do it. It could save your life, like it did my husband’s. 

You deserve it. You matter. We need you here; healthy, happy and whole. Call your doctor and schedule anything that needs to be addressed. Thank you and spread the word. Hey, March is also Colon Cancer Awareness Month; how timely.