Simple weekly food prep

I love my fridge. Especially when it’s overflowing with prepared foods that make nourishing our bodies so easy all week. I fill it with all our favorite goodies and then all we have to do is enjoy!  Here are some of our favorite things we keep on hand for our weekly meals:

Homemade cashew milk

Fresh peppermint tea



Roasted vegetables


Pinto beans

Cut celery, carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, radishes 

Zucchini and squash for zoodles



Cilantro-for everything

Dressing for roasted vegetables and quinoa (olive oil, vinegar and spicy mustard) YUM

And then some yummy special items such as blode kuhla Herbivore cashew cheese and Sriracha kale cashew cheese. We dip vegetables in these all week long. 

Gluten-free bread from Le Pain Quotidien USA for some avocado toast or a PBJ. 

A big jar of organic sauerkraut-always

And lately I’ve been obsessed with kevita drinks, Turmeric and ginger is my favorite. 

I find that it is all about the prep. If the good choices are readily available then eating well is very easy.  Take the time to buy foods that keep your body healthy, well and ph balanced. Then take the time to prep foods you love, in ways that you love. Then eat them! And slow down to enjoy them and really savor what you created with love; for yourself. 

It could be as simple as a bowl of fresh, organic blueberries or a homemade soup made from your veggie bin. Whatever it is; be with it and taste the love.