No sugar challange

Finished work, did some office work, took an ice shower, made a yummy, healthy snack, and going to watch some Netflix and relax as this is the end of my work week. I habitually went for a square of dark chocolate, as I do on occasion. Instead I paused, I recalibrated myself, I remembered No Sugar and shifted my focus. Instead I poured a glass of my delicious tonic, which has ACV, lemon, turmeric, cayenne, black pepper and ginger. It’s amazing how the mind is conditioned to follow a simple pattern unless we consciously intervene. I so appreciate the moment of awareness providing me the opportunity to answer the question, ‘Do I REALLY want that chocolate or am I just used to having it and it’s a habit?’ Brilliant observation. Practice observing your patterns and tendencies. Where is your consciousness when you are making choices? Is it present or are you in auto-pilot/habit mode? Do share your journey with me as you meander down this path of conscious life choices and Self-care and Self-love!!