Hannah Gasby is My New Favorite Human

*SPOILER ALERT* I feel the ripples of last night’s viewing of Nanette on Netflix. I am so moved by Hannah Gadsby’s words that I took some time to transcribe a part of her special. If you have not seen it yet you might want to watch it first to hear her voice carry these words … Continued


Sometimes life is as simple as an apple and some cashew butter. Don’t over think things. Simple, clean, easy is always good. How are you feeding your body today?

So delicious!

Doesn’t get any better than this. I love that my client lives near here so I get to indulge on my way home. Yum! A bed of greens, turnips, zucchini, beet greens, beans, arugula, massaged kale, pocketed onions, watermelon radish, sour kraut, pumpkin seeds, and cashew dill dressing from Palette Food and Juice located in … Continued

Yummy Plant based lunch

Yummy lunch today. Almond flour tortilla with, all organic, pinto beans cooked with some fire roasted tomatoes and jalapeños, topped with roasted butternut squash, zucchini, fresh avocado with lemon and topped off with roasted kale chips. Oishi!! So delicious. Can’t wait to have it again tomorrow.

Actions Are Louder

It has been six months since this interview and a lot of life has happened since then; to me, to you, to our world.  I don’t like seeing myself on camera, taking pictures, hearing my voice, etc., but there is something about this that washes all that nonsense away. I watch this now and feel … Continued

Had some fun in the kitchen this morning.

Here is the recipe I made up if you want to try it. Make it your own and add whatever flavors make your palate dance. All organic ingredients. 3 eggs, 1 clove of garlic, 8 cherry tomatoes, 1 zucchini, 1/2 onion, 10 fingerling potatoes or more if you want to make a larger batch of … Continued


Are you listening or are you thinking of what to say next? Are you listening or are you thinking of how what they are saying is relevant to your life? Are you listening or are you thinking of all the things you need to do? Are you listening or are you Mind Fully listening? Notice.

Yummy Veggie Grain Bowls I made last week and enjoyed all week!

1 sweet potato+1 bell pepper+1 zucchini+1 lb. brussels sprouts+1 red onion+16 oz. garbanzo beans+brown rice Cilantro, Lime Yogurt Dressing=1/2 cup plain almond yogurt+2 T lime juice+2 T chopped cilantro.   Cut all veggies and put on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Drizzle olive oil over all and sprinkle salt and pepper. Roast for 30-40 … Continued

What I feed my body creates my Now

Yummy mid-day snack before my afternoon nap. I feel like everything you put in your body should be a conscious decision to support one’s physical well-being; as well as emotional, energetic and spiritual well-being. I am often asked, ‘come on, you’re not always this good are you?’ My answer back is ‘of course I am. … Continued

New skin care line

I have fallen in love with a new skin care line, May Lindstrom. I couldn’t be happier with how I resonate with this line. I am so grateful to an angel, Sara, for introducing me to them. I decided to email them and let them know how much I love their products, philosophy, integrity, etc.. Since … Continued