Spending the day at Follow Your Heart honoring my beloved mother.

Couldn’t think of a better way to honor my mother on her birthday today. Going back to my roots;literally.   Spending time in a space we shared together. I love the way I was raised by my mother. I sit in gratitude every day for who I am because of her. I miss her with … Continued

Political Debate Wellness Plan

I hope you are doing well and taking good care of yourself. The image above made my heart soften when I saw it and I felt it was important to share. What does it make you feel, think, see? I am drawn to touch upon this topic and share a great idea I had about … Continued

Kitchen Detox and Mindful Eating

As I came home from the farmer’s market the other day I had a flashback of my mother’s kitchen.  My counter was overflowing with fresh, organic produce and my pantry was stocked with mason jars filled with nuts and seeds, legumes and grains and suddenly it hit me, it looked exactly like hers did when I was … Continued

Dove’s Boutique

SHOP LOCAL•GREEN• SUSTAINABLE A dollar spent at a locally owned store is usually spent six to fifteen times before it leaves the community. From $1.00 you create $5.00-$14.00 in value within the community. Spend $1.00 at a national chain store and 80% of it leaves town immediately. Thank you for supporting local businesses and contributing … Continued

December Show and Tell

I hope you are having a lovely day and taking really good care of yourself. I just returned from Boulder and want to let you know about a great new item I found which I have added to my boutique. I also will be traveling next week so be sure to check the schedule note … Continued

I want to look up more.

Care to join me? Lately I have been very involved in Instagram and Facebook to stay ‘connected’ to people and participate in this world the way it seems to demand of you.  I have moments where I enjoy it immensely and then I delete all my apps and promise myself that I am quitting.  Then … Continued


I hope you are doing well and taking good care of yourself.   I would like to invite you to join me on Monday, April 27, for my last Monday morning class. After much thought and careful consideration I have decided to give myself two consecutive days off, Sundays and Mondays, beginning in May.   … Continued


Thich Nhat Hanh does something I love by placing the phrase ‘bell of mindfulness’ throughout his books. I have chosen to sprinkle his words throughout this newsletter as a reminder to come back to your breath. When you see these words, take a moment and breathe in and watch the in breath, breathe out and … Continued

Thanksgiving Countdown of Giving and Thanking

This holiday season I am going to focus on those two words: thanks and giving. So often this time of year turns into overeating, financial pressure, stress of traveling or visiting family that may drive you crazy and lead to one too many glasses of wine. Or it might bring up some somber memories of … Continued