Thrilled to share this news!

I could not be more grateful, honored, and thrilled to share with you that my beautiful, loving husband had his follow up this week and is still cancer-free!!!!!! Thank you for all the love and support as we, once again, walked through the journey of tests and unknowns.  He has no polyps, he has no … Continued

I could have this for every meal! I love it so much.

I make it a little differently every day but I make sure each time I make it, I make it with love and patience.  I wake up an hour before I have to leave and take time to nurture myself. I light candles, I take a bath, I nourish my body with something healthy and … Continued

Living with Loss

I have been quite impacted by all of the passings of late. I feel what is most affecting me is the young age of so many of the souls that are leaving this earth. All death touches me deeply though. Knowing loss intimately allows one to pierce the protective barrier that is so often wrapped … Continued

Tower of Health Sandwich

I call this my Tower of Health Sandwich. I have been craving rye bread lately and I’ve been on a gut balancing kick so I’m obsessed with all things fermented/pre/probiotic. Here’s to your health!  All Organic Ingredients: ~1/2 avocado smashed on bread with a squeeze of fresh lemon ~sprinkle of herb goat cheese ~sliced cucumber  … Continued

Yummy dinner. All organic. All vegetarian. All love. 

Soba noodles Broccoli  Carrots  Celery  Mushrooms Sweet peppers Water chestnuts  Onions Garlic Ginger Coconut aminos  Soy sauce Hot sesame oil  Rice wine vinegar  And a whole lotta’ love  Sauté and toss. Voila!

Simple and delicious

Sometimes all I want is some pinto beans, avocado, black olives, steamed broccoli and some hot sauce, with a mini pepper for a little sweetness. Is that too much to ask? Always best when I make it at home.  So delicious! Keep it simple people. Real food. Organic food. Simple food. Love yourself, you’re beautiful. … Continued

Less is more

Tidy, tidy, tidy everywhere. Don’t just stop with your drawers and cabinets. Make sure this becomes a lifestyle. Declutter your life; your wallet, your purse, your car, your makeup pouch. Keep your life simple by only keeping what you need and what sparks joy. Honor what you have by taking radical care of it all; … Continued

Enjoy your alone time

Just a little light reading, some delicious lunch and the purist elixir in the world, water, for my afternoon at the car dealership while they do some service.  Every moment in my life is an opportunity to learn, study, enjoy, savor, and be present in all my moments. I actually looked forward to having to … Continued


This ‘story’ as my interior designer friends call it, sparks so much joy for me. Every item sparks joy, the way they are displayed sparks joy, the color of the tray sparks joy, the fact that I found matching trays at Target years ago, sparks joy. This is how I like everything in our home … Continued

KonMari all night long

Omg I’ve been tidying all night and I can’t stop. I want every single thing in my house Marie Kondo’d. It is now 4 am and I have to stop. I have officially practiced the art of KonMari in every square inch of our home. Everything in our home sparks joy. I have a pile … Continued