My DVDs offer you a variety of pumped-up new-school exercises to broaden your workout library and help you achieve your fitness goals. Geared toward all fitness levels, the videos are customizable and adaptable, so students can tailor-fit the exercises to their comfort zone. All four total-body workouts are high-rep, low-weight muscular and cardiovascular endurance style, with yoga, kickboxing and free weights circuited throughout, leaving you energized and centered. The DVDs can be used in any order and supplemented with other activities of your choice to give you a balanced — and endorphin-charged — workout regime. In short: You make these work for you!

All DVDs are intermediate to advanced difficulty. Modifications are offered in each DVD.

Bonus: With your DVD purchase you will receive a free class at Dove’s Bodies LA Studio. If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, you can gift the class to someone who does.



  • Intense muscle sculpting
  • Cardio kickboxing
  • Jump rope circuit training
  • Plyometric endurance drills



  • Creative twists on old exercises
  • Upper/lower-body compound exercises using free-weights
  • Kickboxing Circuit
  • Meditative cool-down



  • High-impact cardio
  • Lower body toning
  • Yogic core work
  • Pilates-style upper body conditioning



  • Dove’s famous “slider tricep push-ups”
  • Oblique work
  • Endurance drills
  • Advanced core work

All 4 DVDs + Mindfulness Meditation CD


All 4 DVDs + Audio Workout CD


All 4 DVDs + Mindfulness Meditation CD + Audio Workout CD


Dove’s Mindfulness Meditation CD


Practice not-doing and everything will fall into place.
~Lao-tzu, Tao Te Ching

25 minute guided meditation followed by a 25 minute Silence. During the Silence you will be gently reminded to breathe and come back to your practice, if you have drifted, by the sound of a Gong.

Mindfulness Meditation CD


Dove’s Audio Workout CD


Take Dove to the gym with you or while you workout at home.

Dove leads you through a full body, intense cardio and strength training session with a lovely guided meditation at the end. 60 minutes

Don’t think because she isn’t watching that you won’t get a get a good workout or that you will be able to get away with anything.

Suggested Props: Mat, Weights, Steps

In lieu of steps, you may use any safe surface such as a bench, stairs, a stability ball, foam roller, disc, etc. for which you could lay on to do the following: step-ups, chest press, flies, etc.

Audio Workout CD