Dove’s class is an amazing, energetic group experience, consisting of kick-ass cardio mixed with every fitness modality you can think of. Her approach isolates every muscle group in the body, utilizing dynamic body weight exercises, while also focusing on intense endurance drills; all while staying uber focused on the breath. The music pumps you up and keeps you going as you are led through various strength and cardiovascular HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) circuits with mindful attention kept on being present, in the body, in the Now. Drawing from Dove’s extensive training in fitness, dance, pilates, martial arts, primal movement, somatic body therapy, yoga and meditation, she continuously creates new and innovative formats. You will never take the same class twice, ever.  After 38 years she still holds true to this promise.

Her technique incorporates a brilliant symphony of kick-boxing, planking, plyometric drills, primal movement therapy, lunges, pushups, squats, dips, core training, hi/low impact, step-ups, free weight training, etc.; utilizing soft steps, free weights, ankle weights, BOSU trainers, jump ropes, weighted hula hoops, mats, gliders, resistance bands, rebounder/trampoline and cardiovascular machines. As well as her fusion of powerful asana work along with gentle, restorative and healing yoga incorporating yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets, sand bags and bolsters for a deep experience of transformation and healing to occur in the body, mind and spirit.

The energy you receive from Dove’s class carries you through this powerful experience, which creates visible results immediately and internal results that change your life. You reduce bodyfat, lose inches, gain lean body mass, increase cardiovascular endurance, improve muscular strength, increase flexibility, range of motion and coordination, balance hormones, decrease stress, improve mood, sleep, and general well being as well as deepen awareness of proper breathing techniques.

Although Dove’s classes are challenging, and the results are dramatic, your safety is never compromised. Individual attention is paid to each student with special emphasis on correct form and technique.

Dove caters to a broad clientele and welcomes all fitness levels, all ages, all injuries and other personal limitations one might have. She wants you to feel comfortable knowing that she will honor your body’s needs and guide you through a workout that is right and safe for your personal situation. Many students have gone through their journey with cancer with Dove, greatly benefiting from her personal care and attention to detail in her work. She specializes in working with special cases; emotional tragedy, divorce, loss of loved one, physical injury, menopause, and any other personal matter. Dove views all of these as a way in, or an internal teacher in each of us that grows stronger as life happens. Every client is honored and respected.  Dove guides you to connect to your body and your breath as you heal from your personal experiences and grow stronger in this new space of harmony and wellness. Dove prides herself in embracing her softer side and encourages others to do less when necessary. Often times reminding her students that it is within the stillness that our deepest gifts and blessings arise.

How to Get Started:

Show up.  Make sure you have the most updated version of Zoom and simply log in to class. Reservations are not needed to attend Dove’s classes.  Come on in, have some water and a towel and enjoy yourself!  If it is your first time, please email Dove directly to discuss your space and props you will be using in class. There are no props required but some are recommended. Dove is happy to support you in creating the set up that best fits your personal needs.

We look forward to having you in class.

Be well.