Dove combines an unending well of compassion with her vast knowledge of body mechanics, consideration for different body styles and age groups, along with injury management and deep relaxation. She combines movement and breath to lead her students to tune into a deeper knowledge of their most authentic self. There are people who are great connectors. There are folks who are great leaders; or entrepreneurs, organizers, and community champions. There are exceptional health and wellness leaders who take this responsibility to a much deeper place than merely a workout, but instead provide their community with better health, self-awareness, inspiration, and a great sense of spirit. Dove Rose is a rare and extraordinary combination of all of those qualities. She is truly a gift to those who know her.
Joe Kara Yoga Instructor
There are those you meet along the way who have a natural gift to lead, inspire and uplift. In the time that I have known Dove Rose and through her support, I have grown. With a gentle and nurturing push, she has encouraged me with honest, positive guidance in every step. In addition to having her as a friend, I respect and value the teacher, trainer, mentor and life coach that she has proven herself to be. I’ve witnessed her dedication and commitment to her students and the community and the way she connects and communicates with those in need, respectfully driving them to be stronger and advising in ways that lead to treating themselves better. Her intuition is strong and she uses it to find the right approach, practice or path that will work best for each client. I have experienced her focus and personalized attention as a group fitness trainer and have felt significant change physically and in mood and attitude after taking her class. As a yoga instructor, she is gifted with the ability to create a softer practice that is both energizing and relaxing. I encourage all students of fitness, yoga, wellness and life to experience Dove’s expertise in self-care and healing.  
Sharon Kay
Yoga Instructor, Energy Healer
I have had the honor of witnessing Dove’s personal and professional journey over the years as mentor, colleague, and friend. Her commitment to her students and clients is only equaled by her commitment to her own psycho-spiritual process and growth. Dove’s strength as a teacher, trainer, life coach and voice dialogue facilitator is completely enhanced by her steadfast inner journey. Gifted in a level of embodiment that is contagious, Dove brings a connection, resonance, and presence to her students, groups, family, and friends that inspires our personal best.
Tamar Stone
Psychotherapist, Voice Dialogue Facilitator
I cannot think of a more comprehensive way to exercise. Dove completely changed my body. She outdoes herself every single time. When you sign up for Dove’s class you get much more than a workout. You’ll get super muscular conditioning, flexibility and cardiovascular training, yoga poses, kickboxing, ball work - it just keeps going! Based on up-to-date, isolated muscular exercises, Dove’s classes are funk and hip-hop oriented, which means a lot of fun and sweat! There are many ways to describe Dove’s style: disciplined, knowledgeable, safe, versatile, ever changing, and inspirational, to name a few.
Rhonda Moore
I am a private trainer, aerobics and spinning instructor, and mother of two, and the only way to stay on top of my profession is to come and take Dove's class. She's the best in the fitness industry. There's nobody else like her.
Susan Irwin
Pound for pound and minute for minute, it’s the best exercise I’ve ever, ever had. She’s truly a miracle worker. She exercises every part of my body, every time. I am literally addicted to Dove, and I am happy to say that, too.
Peter Palmer
My background is in dance and exercise physiology, with related experience in physical therapy and education. I am acutely aware of the unique gift that certain people have to teach and motivate simultaneously, to show genuine concern for students, and to instill an extremely high level of anatomical awareness and safety consciousness. These are qualities rarely found in any learning situation, let alone at a health club. Dove has these qualities and she shares them with us at each and every class. Ask any of her students and they will tell you: she has a certain magic, a special appeal, a personal touch. Something happens when she is teaching that makes you want to work harder than you ever thought you could. This is truly an exhilarating experience. You should try it! Dove is dedicated to what she does and she does it with pride, conviction, and integrity. I will continue to follow her wherever she goes.
Coco Keplinger
I think I have done every aerobics class that Los Angeles has to offer -from Tae Bo to Cardio Barre to Power Yoga to Barry's Boot Camp - and Dove's class is something really different. It is the only class that I have ever taken that really focuses on every single muscle group in every single class, safely, while burning fat! I really love this class, and it is something that I can keep doing for the rest of my life.
Kimberly Arnold
Dove is my "insider" in the fitness industry. She knows what and who's hot, and why. And she leads by example: her professionalism, creativity, drive, and passion set the standard for everyone else. I'm proud to call her my colleague.
Brian Shiers
Fitness Director, The Sports Center
The classes being taught by Dove are more than equal to the best being taught in the L.A. area. Having memberships at most major health clubs over the last few decades it is easy to put the training techniques of Dove at the top of a long list of L.A. instructors.
Jack Strangeways
I just have to tell you how awesome you are. These past few weeks have been hard, but knowing that I have your class to go to makes all the difference. I swear it is an antidepressant, mood-lifting, amazing class! And my body has changed so much. Your energy, and the music, and the way you teach class are so special. You've really had such a positive effect on my life. So, I wanted to say Thank You.
Susan Davis
Dove's class is a complete and structurally balanced class that integrates strength, tone, power, endurance, flexibility, and harmony. I consider it the ultimate workout.
Janet Bondel
Dove is the finest physical instructor I have had the pleasure of working with. Her classes are always challenging and fun. Though her classes are filled to maximum, she always finds time to give personal instruction to everyone. I like that. The exercises she uses and the techniques in which she employs them have helped my body become stronger and more flexible than ever before. I am working muscles I never knew I had. I can see and feel the changes in me. Dove is a warm and giving human being who really cares about the people she teaches. I am very thankful to be able to take her classes.
Carl Strano
You are amazing! Inspiring change in others is no small thing, and you have the gift. After our nutritional consultation my husband and I have never felt so healthy and purified. We are excited to keep going. I saw a picture of myself from this past weekend and one of myself two months ago - the difference in my skin tone, my eyes, everything is so noticeable. I cannot express how grateful I am. I feel like I am walking with more integrity in who I am and how I care for myself.
Janet Smith
The best part about moving to Oregon and working for Nike was always being around a fitness atmosphere. The worst part was moving away from Dove and her classes! I have managed to incorporate all she has taught me into my routine at the gym and home but miss her strong encouragement and the way she made me feel after each class. I felt like I could accomplish anything! I will never be able to replace her motivation and spirit but will always carry her fitness techniques with me wherever I go.
Suzette Henri
I have not taken a yoga class in years and I wanted to start out with something that would be an easier re-tuning for my body. Dove's class was simply wonderful. From the start I felt at ease and comfortable. I loved being in the flow of the movements and Dove's guidance was just lovely. Although this was a gentle class, I felt that I had gotten a full and complete stretch, that helped me to be more deeply rooted in my body. Dove's class re-kindled my interest in yoga, and I intend to take her class again for the harmony and balance that it brought me.
Beverly Mickins
In 1968 I took yoga classes in New York. I loved them. In 1970 I stopped. For no reason and I never went back. In 1996 I found Dove and I was inspired like I had never been before. I have spent the last sixteen years following Dove along her path and I have embraced all her teaching styles. Now life has come full circle. Here I am in 2012 with advanced osteoporosis, bones that are fragile and painful, finding myself walking back into her Yoga class. Dove's gentle yoga classes allows me to enjoy the movement without experiencing any pain. They are effective while being gentle and soothing, which is my priority. Dove's meditations are more relaxing for me than an entire day at the spa. I always leave feeling great, empowered and inspired. Dove just does that for me. She is my perfect elixir for overall well-being.
Ellen Deutsch
Your nutritional counseling has been great. I have been preparing things to keep in the fridge and following everything you told me during our nutritional-counseling session. I took the amino acid you suggested to help me sleep and I have never slept so well! I didn't wake up once; I usually do two or three times a night. It's pretty crazy, but in one week I already see a difference in my skin. When I threw away all my old foods I couldn't believe how much everything was processed, packaged, and disgusting. Thank you so much for providing this service! I am feeling so good about your class mixed with this nutritional counseling. I feel like, "What did I do before I went to Dove's Bodies?!" Thanks again for everything!
Rebecca Smith
I have been attending Dove's classes for over five years now. I feel that she is an excellent class leader: diligent, dependable, and most of all, inspiring. People come from Malibu, Reseda, Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, even Laguna just for her classes. She is simply the best.
Idelle Dorfman
I stumbled upon Dove's class back in 1991 at Nautilus Plus in Studio City. I couldn't believe it. She was exactly what I was looking for. Her style is unique and progressive, and she is passionate about what she does. Obviously I'm not the only one who feels this way judging by her crowded classes. I know there are many other nice teachers, but I don't like Dove because she's "nice." I like Dove because she inspires and motivates, and is the driving force that pushes me to be the best I can. I will follow her wherever she goes, and pay any price.
Dori Shear
Dove is a professional, knowledgeable, informed, supportive, demanding, and phenomenal instructor. Her classes are tough, and rewarding. I am usually turned off by the lack of organization and knowledge of instructors. With Dove, I know I am safe. Her classes are structured and organized in such a brilliant way, and her dance background is an added plus. With her unique style and constant attention, Dove keeps her students coming back for more.
Sue Ling
I travel quite a bit for business and work out wherever my job takes me. From San Francisco to New York, Paris to Tokyo, there's nothing like Dove anywhere. Dove's classes are the best being taught - period.
Robert Stern
It's the best workout I've ever had and I have been taking classes for over 20 years. Dove completely changed the shape and tone of my body and has given me the commitment of exercising every week of my life. She has made me feel better about myself and for that, I am grateful.
Rebecca Shally
For over a decade I have been trusting my body to Dove and I look forward to the next decade with Dove. I feel good, I look good, and I am having fun, Without it, I don't feel complete. With it, I feel whole.
Pauletta Washington
Like so many people here, she's changed my body and changed my life. I hadn't been working out for about 10 years before I came here and I was really out of shape, I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath. I was about 230 pounds and in the first nine months of coming here I dropped 50. She tones your body so that it's all proportionate, and it's easy for beginners because you can do it at your own pace.
Peter Sheridan
Dove is like my guru, my mentor. There is no one else like her. I drive 30 miles to come here, and I would drive farther if I had to. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. You could never find a class like this because there is no one like Dove. To even try to get a similar workout you would have to go from gym to gym and class to class to get everything covered that she does in one class. There is nothing as complete as this one class. I just can't get enough.
Sue Chamian
It is the only thing I have found that is challenging and consistent; it works every part of your body with great ease and safety. With weight training and running and all the other activities that I do, I still couldn't get the physique that I wanted, but I found I could with this class and it has completely changed the shape of my entire body.
Erin Newcastle
I tried all the "others": the trendy workout class, the celebrity trainers, the videos, the books, blah blah blah. Dove is still the best! I decided to stick to my favorite hangout, Dove's Bodies, and take a pass on the rest of the hoopla. I just observed my one-year anniversary working out at Dove's - seventeen pounds lighter now, still shedding my baby weight after having two children, and having seen definition and tone in my legs I never achieved in 20 years of dancing professionally. Dove has developed a unique workout that covers the basics and more. More importantly she watches over her class to encourage, correct, and instruct the proper way to execute the movements. It by no means is easy, which to some of us is part of the appeal, but at least I feel comfortable that with her guidance it is a safe workout, unlike some others around town. I feel confident at Dove's and know that her studio does benefit my health and my body.
Trish Pfeiffer
Since I have been coming to Dove, I have lost a total of 100 pounds. I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life and it is due to dedication, determination, and Dove.
David Blackwell
I have a very stressful job and in Dove's class I can come in, get my workout on, and feel great. I am sore, but I feel good. It works every part of my body and it's a great way to start out the day.
She knows what she is doing and her legs are a testament to how hard she works and the results you can get.
David Ono
I travel from Malibu to attend Dove's class. She absolutely knows how to reshape our bodies, insisting on perfect form and explaining everything. I am so happy with how I look. I'd travel farther if I had to.
Rona Newton-John
I would like to acknowledge Dove in the highest regard. I have attended her classes since 1989. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. Dove's never-ending enthusiasm and consistent energy flows to all who take her class. The routines are varied each session, stressing specific muscle groups, which offers more enjoyable workouts without boredom. Dove monitors each and every student throughout the class, ensuring correct form for maximum benefit. I have seen dramatic results and I attribute them to Dove's class.
William Sedlack
I decided to use Dove's outdoor class as a motivator to stop smoking. There was no way I could keep smoking and take part in her grueling workouts. Also, the added cardiovascular workout has burned the added pounds traditionally gained by smokers when they quit. Dove keeps me motivated and cheers me on when I don't think I can take another step. I feel like a success story. Thank you, Dove!
Pat Tallman
Dove's special brand of Yummy Yoga is like hitting the reset button on both your body and mind. Her style is gentle, her touch is loving and her guidance is soothing and confident. After Dove's class I feel not only cared-for, seen, and appreciated, but also wiser and more centered than when I arrived. More, please. :)
Laurie Shiers
Dove's class is the perfect balance of relaxation and stretching to relieve the physical strains my body holds while letting go of the emotional strains of the day. Her voice is so soothing and the flow of her class and teaching is very helpful for my life. You are a gift Dove..Thank you.
Rachel McArthur
Dove's class left me feeling like I just had a massage. She guides you to be aware of your body and breath. Her hands-on corrections gently aligned me and made me aware of where I was holding tension. It was an AWESOME class! It was exactly what my body, mind, and soul needed. Thank you, Dove!
Sandy Campanella
Dove's workouts are phenomenal! I have been working out my whole adult life and have never enjoyed any workout more than I have Dove's classes. After having two kids in three years, Dove's weekend marathon was just what I needed to get my mind and body back on the right track. It's not just the physical aspect, but also Dove's dedication to fitness and spiritual well-being. Since my move to Seattle, I can't attend her classes unfortunately, but I make sure I go to as many classes as I can whenever I come to visit. Thank you, Dove!