Wholistic Life Coaching

Dove has been on her own path of Self-care since before she can even remember.   Along the way she has deepened her wisdom in numerous modalities in order to help individuals live a healthy, mindful and peaceful life.  Her passion for helping others runs deep and the seeds were planted quite early on in her childhood as she grew up in the presence of her mother’s work as a healing body worker and a constant student of life’s teachings.

With the loss of her mother to suicide back in 2011, Dove chose to cope with her grief and trauma by strengthening her connection to her path of Self-study, Self-care and deep healing.  She also experienced early onset menopause at the age of 41 due to the trauma of this loss.  The physiological and emotional shift that she went through brought many new challenges, deep lessons and wisdom.  It provided, yet again, a beautiful opportunity to learn by true personal experience and in that learning came a deep and pure connection to other’s suffering.  Most recently, with her husband’s latest colonoscopy showing cancer cells in a polyp, Dove has dived into the deep end once again; this time into the world of Vegan nutrition, cancer prevention, care and deepening her wisdom of this physical journey we are on.

Dove chose to throw herself into her studies; in dharma, psychology, yoga, energy clearing, Voice Dialogue, anatomy, the nervous system, hormone balancing, the mind as well as her own intimate introspection of the meaning of life and what her true purpose is.  By surrounding herself with many mindful practitioners along the way, she has found herself now in a place of true understanding and a deep resonance with the wisdom and knowingness to help others.

Dove has expanded beyond the role of fitness and nutritional expert, teacher and trainer, which she stepped into back in 1985.  Although she has a deep connection to that part of her work and will always continue to offer her signature classes and private sessions, she has found it necessary to provide this other layer of Self-care that goes beyond the muscles.

In coping with her own grief and the trauma that she endured with the loss of her mother, she has blossomed into a true healer and guide for her client’s to receive so much empowerment from as they walk down their path of Self-care.  Her sessions allow her clients to cultivate patience, awareness, radical honesty and acceptance as they learn the tools that are necessary to truly be at peace.  She is honored to work with client’s on such an intimate level and is grateful for the opportunity to share her wisdom, assistance and support.

Voice Dialogue

Dove has been practicing Voice Dialogue since 1986 when she began working with Tamar Stone, allowing her to be a student of the true lineage from Hal Stone Ph. D. and Sidra Stone Ph. D.; the founders of Voice Dialogue.  She has continued her studies along the way to deepen her own personal awareness of this transformational tool.  Dove is a certified Voice Dialogue Facilitator and is thrilled to provide this, as yet another way to help her client’s live a mindful life, free of suffering and filled with harmony.  Voice Dialogue helps us become aware of, and to experience, the various Selves, sub-personalities, that run our lives and to learn how to use them in a conscious way through the development of the Aware Ego Process.

Suicide Loss Survivor Support

Dove chose to dive into the pool of healing and wisdom teachings after her mother’s suicide.  She has a deep compassion for those suffering from the loss of a loved one to suicide.  Her intimate knowledge of the trauma and impact this specific loss brings to one’s life has allowed her to provide support for others in need.  She feels it is important to create a village of support when coping with this and is here to provide her client’s the tools they need to stand with them on their journey through healing from this tragedy.  Dove offers an array of sessions for those who would like to focus on healing their nervous system, working through trauma and PTSD with yoga and cocoon therapy, Voice Dialogue, meditation and energy clearing.  She also believes living an active and healthy lifestyle is important to stay rooted in the body and this physical experience we are having here on earth.  Her customized workouts and organic nutritional support are intregal in living a mindful, conscious and healthy life.

Energy Clearing

Dove has found that there are times in one’s life where we need a little extra help.  Even though we do all the inner and outer work necessary to live a healthy life, we find there are still imbalances and energetic blocks that keep us from thriving and enjoying peace.  This is when energy clearing can be quite helpful and can provide a radical shift in one’s life.  Often clients need only a few sessions to remove what is keeping them from living a balanced life, free from suffering and disharmony.

Organic Vegan Nutrition

With the support of her community of like-minded individuals, wholistic doctors and her vegan gastroenterologist, at UCLA, Dove has found herself, once again, living her studies.  She has always led an organic, mindful approach towards food and considered herself a flexatarian, but now she has made the commitment to becoming an official vegan; along with her beloved husband.  Becoming a vegan is one thing, becoming a vegan because your husband has a brush with cancer is a crash course in veganism.  Overnight she was able to implement life changes that radically affected the health of her family and deepened her personal awareness, which led to more and more support available for her clients.  Don’t wait for cancer, or any other illness or dis-ease, to touch your life for you to make nutrition a priority in your life.  Be your best Self every day by paying attention to what you put in, and on, your body.

Private Session





Remote Mindful Meditation Class

“Breathing in, I calm my body.
Breathing out, I smile.
Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment.”
~Thich That Hahn
Dove is happy to offer private one-on-one meditation session via teleseminar.  Dove is thrilled to be using this medium to bring her mindfulness practice to a wider group.  Since many of us have busy schedules and might not live in the Los Angeles area, or be able to attend due to traffic, these tele-classes allow Dove to offer more sessions so that everyone can be present. Dove is also available to guide remote sessions for you and your friends, co-workers, children, partner, extended family, neighbors and more. If you would like a private session or a group session please email Dove to schedule at dove@dovesbodies.com.

Remote Yoga Nidra Class

“Yoga nidra is the yoga of aware sleep. In this lies the secret of self healing. Yoga Nidra is a pratyahara technique in which the distractions of the mind are contained and the mind is relaxed.”
~Satyananda Saraswati
A single hour of Yoga Nidra is as restful as four hours of sleep. Yoga Nidra is also known as “yogic sleep” or expanded awareness in deep-relaxation. Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness that can be achieved through particular relaxation techniques, visualizations, and body-awareness meditations. The experience is similar to an extended sivasana, as the entire practice is done laying down with the eyes closed.
All you will need for the Yoga Nidra class is a comfortable place to lie down with the support of a folded blanket or bolster under your head and knees. It is nice to cover yourself with a blanket for this practice if you wish. You may also use an eye pillow to deepen the experience. This class is also available privately or for you and a group of your loved ones. Please contact Dove to schedule.

Once payment is received, your reservation is confirmed and you will receive an email with the necessary information to join the call.  You simply call in at the class time and enjoy the remote class.  All calls are live calls and not pre-recorded.
We are living in a time where we all need to be anchored to our bodies and what better way to step into this practice than to do so with Dove as your guide in the comfort of our own home without any obstacles in your way.  
Join Dove as she embarks upon this new medium to offer you these beautiful practices.

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Remote Class Donation

Dove resides in Los Angeles and offers sessions in person and remotely – which makes her available to work with people from across the globe.

Dove’s work should not substitute the care of your mental health care professional or physician, it is intended to be complimentary.  Dove’s sessions do not include diagnosis or predictions.

Sliding scale is available for those in need.