Private Training with Dove

Since 1985 Dove has been training her clients with a blend of all of her modalities. She has been sought after for her deep commitment to the holistic wellness of all she works with. There is always a mindful balance of strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, primal movements, rehab, breath work, yoga, fascia tissue release, nervous system regulation, lymphatic drainage, and deep rest. Her diverse background, and almost four decades of mastering her craft, provides a broad approach to all who are in her care. She works with clients walking through all phases of life; recovering from injury/surgery, pre/post natal, moving through treatment due to a medical diagnosis and/or rehabilitation, hormone regulation, training for athletic events, on camera presentation, loss of loved one, and general wellness. Her clients range in age from 6-106 and they all rave about the customized care and deep commitment Dove has for her work. Her passion for helping others is palpable, and her ability to hold space for all who are lucky enough to be in her company, is truly an art one must experience for themselves. Schedule your session today and feel the energy of having Dove take care of you and help you live a healthy life in your beautiful body. Scroll down for pricing.

Wholistic Wellness

Dove has been on her own path of Self-care since before she can even remember.   As a child her mother would encourage her to look within and find the lesson when life ‘happened’ around her; and to her.  She has worked with psychotherapists, healers, shamans, wholistic practitioners, yogis, and the like, from a very young age.  This was simply the atmosphere in which she was raised; and she is very grateful for this foundation of wisdom that she has sprouted from.  Along the way she has deepened her expertise in numerous modalities in order to help individuals live an honest, conscious, healthy, mindful and peaceful life.  Her passion for sharing her tools and helping others runs deep; it’s in her DNA.  Not only were the seeds planted quite early on in her childhood but she also grew up in the presence of her mother’s work as a healer, a body worker and a constant student of life’s teachings.

Dove stepped into the world of health and wellness, via the fitness lane, back in 1985. She has since expanded way beyond the role of fitness and nutritional expert, teacher and trainer.  Although she has a deep connection to that aspect of her work and will always continue to offer her signature classes and private training sessions, she has found it necessary to provide this other layer of Self-care that goes beyond the flesh.  She is now called upon for her work as a life and health coach to cut through the negative patterning, old habits, addictions, fears, and stagnant energy.  Because of her wide net of expertise she is able to help her clients quickly clear the static, move through obstacles, and create new neural pathways, rituals based in self-care, and experience freedom from past traumas and suffering.

With the loss of her mother to suicide back in 2011, Dove chose to cope with her grief and trauma by strengthening her connection to her path of Self-study, Self-care and deep healing.  She also experienced early onset menopause at the age of 41 due to the trauma of this great loss.  The physiological and emotional shift that she went through brought many new challenges, deep lessons and wisdom.  It provided, yet again, a beautiful opportunity to learn by true personal experience.  In that learning came a deep and pure connection to understanding other’s suffering and empowering her to be of service in new ways.  Most recently, with her husband’s first colonoscopy showing cancer cells in a polyp, she dove into the deep end once again.  This time into the world of vegan nutrition, cancer prevention, care and deepening her wisdom of this physical journey we are on; and why we are here in the first place.

Dove is always connected to her studies; in dharma, psychology, yoga, energy clearing, Voice Dialogue, anatomy, the nervous system, hormone balancing, the brain, as well as her own intimate introspection of the meaning of life and what her true purpose is.  By surrounding herself with many mindful practitioners along the way, she has found herself now in a place of understanding and a deep resonance with the wisdom and knowingness to help others.  Her abilities and confidence comes from a place of personal experience, embodying these life issues herself, compassion and over three decades of working intimately with thousands of clients.

In coping with her own grief and the trauma that she endured with the loss of her mother, she has blossomed into a true healer and guide for her client’s to receive so much empowerment from as they walk upon their path of Self-care.  Her sessions allow her clients to cultivate deep understanding, awareness, radical honesty and acceptance as they learn the tools that are necessary to truly be at peace.  She is honored to work with client’s on such an intimate level and is grateful for the opportunity to share her wisdom, assistance and support.

Breath Therapy

Dove is quite passionate about this offering she shares with her clients.  By gaining clarity in this one specific area of her work, she has managed to radically change her own life.  (One of the perks of being who she is.  She gets to practice it all on herself first!)  She already lives an organic, active, healthy, and positive life but there were still some areas of distress and some threads of PTSD from the loss of her mother that she wished to be healed of, and free from.

Dove dedicates her life to her own well being and encourages others to do the same.  One way she lives this is to be with their breath; mindfully, consistently and profoundly.  Throughout her career, she has offered many tools to support her clients on their wellness path.  The world of pranayam/breathing techniques is one of many and is quite vast; and can even be a bit overwhelming for some.  With her research, Dove has simplified this work for you, so that you can easily learn the technique/s that most suit your needs, and begin to feel the benefits; instantaneously.

Some of these benefits are: stress reduction, better sleep, enhanced creativity, focus, increased libido, mental clarity, boost immune system, increase willpower, increase energy, relieve some symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and much more.  It has been scientifically proven that we are, in fact, in control of our ‘auto’nomic nervous system.  This being said, we can develop a mastery over our nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems and help ourselves be happier, stronger and healthier.  If you would like to begin your journey towards a deeper sense of joy and energy in your life, a calmer existence, and a body free from suffering, you will arrive there via the breath.

In her words, this is what she noticed since incorporating a daily practice of breathing therapy:

‘I thought I was doing pretty well for myself, considering my lifestyle.  WOW!  I had no idea what was possible until I tapped into a deeper understanding of breath work.  By simply committing myself to a daily practice of a specific type of breath, I was able to live in a whole new body, mind and even spirit.  This isn’t a meditating, or even a working out, type of breathing.  This is so simple and so basic, yet definitely something to study the nuances of.  So, I did and I am so glad I did!  I have more energy, more clarity, patience, desire to be connected to my community and a zest for life like I have never had before.  My mind feels sharper, more intelligent, my memory has improved, my vision, my digestion, sleep, and personal motivation, commitment and desire to learn.  I have created new habits, disciplines, taken on more responsibility, my business has grown, I have attracted new, like-minded individuals into my life, colors are brighter, life is richer.  My PTSD has softened, almost completely, my nerve endings feel protected and smooth, when they once felt raw and jagged.  My relationship with my husband has improved; we are happier, more joyful together and things roll off my back more easily.  My hormones feel balanced, where I used to be more moody, reactive and sensitive.  I could go on, and on.  All I have changed was this breath work.  It is truly the best thing I have ever done for myself.  A body that is oxygenated is a body that is alive!’


Wholistic Couples Counseling

Dove and her beautiful husband have been blessed to have found each other on this life journey. They met when Dove was a teenager, at the wee age of 16. Their lives went in separate directions and the Universe brought them back together in 2005 at a neighborhood cafe. Since then it has been a magical dance of loving and all the stuff that comes with that. If you have ever been in relationship with another human than you know what is in store for you when you become an ‘us’. It is hard work but often the most expansive, and transformational, work one can do on this planet. Their road was not easy and they both had to dig deep to learn the practices that would carry them through; luckily they did just that. Because of their path being extra rich with opportunities for growth around every corner, they have a deep bond and commitment to constantly remaining a student of life and staying present with each other, and for each other. This requires great respect for one another, spaciousness to allow the other the room to have their own experiences, patience, a lot of laughter, light-heartedness, radical love and kindness. With Dove’s vast background in physical, emotional, energetic and metaphysical studies she has truly honed her skills so that she may be of service to all; in all stages of life and in all forms of relationships; intimate, platonic, and professional. Being in relationship with her husband now for over 17 years, she feels extremely confidant in sharing her pearls of wisdom with all in need of some extra guidance. She welcomes the opportunity to hold space for you, and your loved ones, in any way she can so that you may find the well of knowledge that resides within you. Please reach out for support…you are not alone on this path.

Voice Dialogue Facilitation

Dove has been practicing Voice Dialogue since 1986 when she began working with her teacher, Tamar Stone, allowing her to be a student of the true lineage from Hal Stone Ph. D. and Sidra Stone Ph. D.; the founders of Voice Dialogue.  She has continued her studies along the way to deepen her own personal awareness of this transformational tool.  Dove is a certified Voice Dialogue Facilitator and is thrilled to provide this, as yet another way to help her client’s live a mindful life; free of suffering and filled with harmony.  Voice Dialogue helps us become aware of, and to experience, the various Selves, sub-personalities, that run our lives and to learn how to use them in a conscious way through the development of the Aware Ego Process.  This tool is one of many Dove threads into her Wholistic Life Coaching sessions.

Grief & Loss Support

Dove chose to dive even deeper into the vast pool of healing and wisdom teachings after her mother’s suicide in 2011.  She has a deep compassion for those suffering from traumatic events, but especially the loss of a loved one to suicide. Her intimate knowledge of the trauma and impact this specific loss brings to one’s life has allowed her to provide support for others in need.  She feels it is important to create a village of support when coping with this delicate time and is here to provide her client’s the tools they need to stand with them on their journey as they heal from this tragedy.  Dove offers an array of sessions for those who would like to focus on healing their nervous system, working through trauma and PTSD with yoga and cocoon therapy, Voice Dialogue, meditation and energy clearing.  She also believes living an active and healthy lifestyle is important to stay rooted in the body and this physical experience we are having here on earth.  Her customized workouts and organic nutritional support are integral in living a mindful, conscious, and healthy life.  Wherever one is on their healing journey, Dove will offer the support needed to feel safe, empowered, and well.

Energy Clearing

Dove has found that there are times in one’s life where we need a little extra help.  Even though we do all the inner and outer work necessary to live a healthy life, we find there are still imbalances and energetic blocks that keep us from thriving and enjoying peace.  This is when energy clearing can be quite helpful and can provide a radical shift in one’s life.  Often clients need only a few sessions to remove what is keeping them from living a balanced life, free from suffering and disharmony.  Many of our energetic threads of not visible to us as we are deeply entrenched in the unconscious patterning and living them out; day in, and day out.   It is beneficial for us all to have an Energy Clearing sessions to unplug from toxic people/energy fields, to fine tune our own personal vibration, to have someone check things out for us to see what needs clearing and to live from a clean, healthy, vibrant place.

House/Office Clearing/KonMari Tidying

Dove threads the KonMari method of tidying into every aspect of her life.  She finds great joy in living this way and spreading this joy to all those who embrace this offering.  Dove will come to your home and assist you in purifying your space so that you live a life filled with peace and harmony, joy and balance; not clutter.  She will support you as you find what sparks joy in your life and declutter your space.  You will find this quite healing and empowering in many ways.  How we care for our bodies, our minds, our souls, is also reflected in how we care for our personal space; our home, our car, our belongings.  Be wholistically well; live in harmony in every aspect of your life.  Imagine that.  Create that.

*travel fees applicable

Organic Nutritional Counseling
Specializing in Paleo, Plant Based, Vegetarian, Intuitive, Flexitarian and Vegan Lifestyle

With the support of her community of like-minded individuals, wholistic doctors and her vegan gastroenterologist, Dove has found herself, once again, living her studies.  Dove was raised an organic vegetarian and she has always led an organic, mindful approach towards food and considered herself a flexatarian most of her life.  After her husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2017, she made the commitment to be vegan; along with her beloved husband.  After a year, Dove and her husband, began to invite in some animal by products and softened from vegan to vegetarian, to pescatarian with an emphasis on plant based.  Becoming a vegetarian is one thing, becoming a vegetarian because your husband has a brush with cancer is a crash course in vegetarianism/veganism.  Overnight she was able to implement life changes that radically affected the health of her family and deepened her personal awareness, which led her to be able to share her knowledge, and guidance, with her clients.  Don’t wait for cancer, or any other illness, or dis-ease, to touch your life, to make nutrition a priority. Be your best Self every day by paying attention to what you put in, and on, your body.  What are you feeding your Self?

In The Kitchen With Dove

An experience for you to hang out in your kitchen with Dove and cook, bake, meal prep, organize, learn, laugh, play, and be inspired to eat well and be well. If you have loved ones you would like to join you can schedule a group experience with Dove. This will be offered remotely on Zoom so you can join in from wherever you are on this beautiful planet.

Here are some ideas to get us started:

  • How to stock your pantry— learn the basics, keep it simple, stock what you love and what you will use, get rid of the rest and let’s get cookin’.
  • Edit your kitchen—keep what you need and gift the rest. Everything from pots and pans, to cooking utensils, baking dishes, and all the tools you need and don’t need.
  • Kitchen clearing—remove expired products, read ingredients and learn better options for condiments, plant based items, pantry staples, and oh-so much more!
  • Meal prepping—learn simple tricks to have healthy options at the ready.
  • Invite juicing into your life.
  • Create meals that you want to eat. Classes will be fully customized to foods you enjoy.
  • Focus can be on any, and all, of the following (and beyond) plant based, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, flexitarian, intuitive eating, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and/or anything else you wish to shine light on.
  • Salads, salads, salads…learn endless ways to incorporate fresh, organic produce into your daily life.
  • Yummy, healthy treats—no guilt allowed.
  • Travel guidance—how to eat healthy while away from your sacred space. Learn tricks to plan, prepare and stay grounded in your choices.
  • Support in shifting habits that aren’t in alignment with your greater good and learn fantastic new ways to enjoy food.
  • Anything else you would like to learn, practice and play with.

‘I finally decided to accept the fact that this needs to be in my repertoire of offerings simply because it has been asked of me, but mostly because it brings me such joy and giddy excitement when I make delicious, and healthy, creations. When something moves me in this way I want to share with others to encourage the spark to be ignited for you to make your kitchen your playground. Let’s play and learn, yet another way, we can be healthy, and joyful, together. I look forward to creating some magic with you In The Kitchen.’


Recipes and shopping list will be provided if a specific meal is chosen by you.
Private & Semi-Private Sessions Available/$25 additional person

Wholistic Business Consulting

Dove has assisted, and supported, many companies throughout her career.  Her personal success as a business owner has given her a plethora of tools to choose from to help those in need of finding their true message; what they are selling, who their target market is, and how to go about it in a mindful, wholistic, and life-sustaining way.  She helps her clients live their best life in every avenue of their world.  She guides them through their business concept, client list, scheduling, mission statement, career path, life vision and a general over all view of their joy in life.  She customizes a program that is personalized to each and every client and continues to work with them over the years; allowing them to evolve as a business person, and as a human being.  Her focus is on the well-being of her client and how their career path services them in the grand scheme of their life.  Allow Dove to help you live a more balanced, peaceful, productive, financially secure, and enjoyable life.

Wholistic Website Editing

One of Dove’s pet peaves happens to be websites; specifically websites that are in need of some customer viewpoint improvements and editing.  Dove has worked with numerous companies, helping them put out the calling card that best represents them and their business.  She works with the client on each and every detail of the website, from marketing to fonts, to interactive functionality and beyond.  She helps her clients find the message they are trying to get across to their audience, how to implement that in a simplistic, and clear way, as well as align the client with the energy being displayed on their site.  Her clients benefit by having Dove’s expertise showered upon them.  Her clarity and direct approach saves time, money and gets right to the point of necessary change.  She helps starter companies all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.  Whether it is your first website or you’ve been in business for decades, you will find that Dove will improve all aspects of your cyber space, allowing you to put forth the precise image you wish in order to receive a prosperous clientele, peace of mind, and a life filled with abundance, harmony and ease.

Private Session

Private Session - Remote (30 min)


Private Session - Remote (60 min)


Monthly Wellness Concierge with Dove

Dove provides a monthly Wellness Concierge service to support you in living authentically and mindfully, eating healthy, high-vibrational foods, moving your body, and staying connected to your path of Self-care.  Dove is available via email,  every day of the month, to answer all of your questions, provide guidance, help you move through any challenges or obstacles you may experience, and support you to create new, healthy habits and rituals.  Remote mini sessions are also available for an additional charge if you would like a voice-to-voice session on the phone.  Many have found Dove’s Wellness Concierge service quite helpful when moving through tricky territory; such as trying to change behavioral patterns, implementing new life choices regarding organic eating, eliminating toxic foods, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, etc. or setting new life patterns around physical activity, relationship support, career shifts, spiritual guidance, and even creating a ritual of breath work and daily meditation.  Whatever your desire is, this service will support you on your path.  Having Dove present on a daily basis is a gift and a tool that proves to be invaluable and creates a sense of community and guidance in your life. For approximately $8 a day you are able to receive daily support and guidance from Dove so that you may drop deeper into your truth, your power and your ability to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

*All emails are replied to within 24 hours and Wellness Concierge clients receive priority scheduling when in need of a one-on-one appointment with Dove.

Monthly Wellness Concierge


Remote Guided Mindful Meditation

“Breathing in, I calm my body.
Breathing out, I smile.
Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment.”

~Thich That Hahn

Meditation has been near to Dove’s heart since she was a child.  Again, her mother introduced her to yet another wholistic practice quite young, as this was the path her mother lived on.  Dove has studied with many teachers over the decades and taught thousands.  Her work now embraces such a wide overview of practices that she can cater to her vast array of client’s needs.  You will be given exactly what you need to be able to commit to a practice of daily meditation.  Dove is happy to work with her clients in person for those who live in the LA area.  She now offers private one-on-one meditation sessions on the phone for those who wish to start a meditation practice, strengthen an existing practice or learn new meditation techniques to deepen one’s understanding on the topic of meditation.  Dove is also available to guide tele-seminar remote group meditation classes for you and your friends, co-workers, children, partner, extended family, etc..   If you would like to schedule a group session please contact Dove to discuss.

Remote Yoga Nidra Class

“Yoga nidra is the yoga of aware sleep. In this lies the secret of self healing. Yoga Nidra is a pratyahara technique in which the distractions of the mind are contained and the mind is relaxed.”

~Satyananda Saraswati

A single hour of Yoga Nidra is as restful as four hours of sleep. Yoga Nidra is also known as “yogic sleep” or expanded awareness in deep-relaxation. Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness that can be achieved through particular relaxation techniques, visualizations, and body-awareness meditations. The experience is similar to an extended sivasana, as the entire practice is done laying down with the eyes closed.

All you will need for the Yoga Nidra class is a comfortable place to lie down with the support of a folded blanket or bolster under your head and knees. It is nice to cover yourself with a blanket for this practice if you wish. You may also use an eye pillow to deepen the experience. This class is also available privately or for you and a group of your loved ones. Please contact Dove to schedule.

Once payment is received, your reservation is confirmed and you will receive an email with the necessary information to join the call.  You simply call in at the class time and enjoy the remote class.  All calls are live calls and not pre-recorded.

We are living in a time where we all need to be anchored to our bodies and what better way to step into this practice than to do so with Dove as your guide in the comfort of our own home without any obstacles in your way.

Join Dove as she embarks upon this new medium to offer you these beautiful practices.

Remote 60 Minute Yoga Nidra Class


Remote 30 Minute Yoga Nidra Class


Remote Yoga Nidra Class Donation

Dove resides in Los Angeles and offers sessions remotely – which allows her to work with people from around the globe. All of Dove’s services are available remotely via Zoom, as well as phone sessions, in the comfort of your home, office, or while traveling.

Dove’s work should not substitute the care of your mental health care professional or physician; it is intended to be complimentary. Dove’s sessions do not include diagnosis or predictions.

Please be aware that if you need to cancel your appointment for a private session we do need 24 hours notice in order not to be charged for appointment made. Sliding scale is available for those in need.

Please contact Dove to schedule an appointment. Whatever your needs are, you are not alone.