Emmett receiving healing that he so deserves for how hard he loves us all. This is his time to receive now; his time to let us shower him with love and light.

Thanks to an angel who is sitting with Emmett now I was able to take a few minutes and get some air and sun. She convinced me to take a little time for myself.

I am waiting for a friend to bring me food and am in front of the hospital walking a labyrinth and I had an epiphany. Many of you know my love for my husband and what he means to me. I call him my rock because that is how he always appears; strong, centered, grounded, able to contend with absolutely anything. He has gotten me through so much with his presence in my life.

I just realized he is not ‘my’ anything, first of all. Secondly he is not a ‘rock’. He is a mere mortal and he is human, oh so complicatedly human. He is precious and fragile and sensitive and sacred. Of course I’ve known all that as well but something just registered deeper for me.

He is a man having a very human experience and I happen to be having one next to him; with him.

Seeing him in this state, suffering so, is much less scary if I lift off the layer of ‘rock’ identification and just let him be a man.

Wish me luck with this.

Thank you for all the prayers.